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Tap #Batch #Keg #Beer NameStrainOGFGABVCaloriesIBU
Tap01211.13121026Experimental FrankenstoutWLP099
Tap02204.03121145Experimental Gerry's StoutWLP00113.723.495.51183.89
Tap05215.09127013Experimental 10P Czech PilsWLP802
Tap06215.10121008Experimental 10P Czech PilsWLP830
Tap07219.01121199Experimental Mojito SeltzerWLP001
Tap11216.07121077Experimental Helles LagerWLP833
Tap19221.05127052Experimental Red Ale w/ SkaggitWLP006
Tap21217.13121089Experimental Belgian Pale Ale WLPWLP515
Tap23222.11121063Hansen Wit Hansen HefeWLP300
Tap24222.12121083Hansen Wit Hansen HefeWLP380
Tap28214.06121118Experimental Hazy IPAWLP518713.34.714.64180.42